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Frequently Asked Questions

: How do I search for papers?
:  The input mask offers to search for a scientific name or a part of a scientific name. To search for an exact name choose "is". Otherwise choose "contains". You'll get a list of matching names where you can make a selection.

: How often is the database updated?
:  At the moment it is updated occasionally due to time constraints.

: Can I use synonyms in my search?
:  A thesaurus is in planning but not available yet.

: Can I search for keywords?
:  The database contains keywords but the search mask soe not support them yet.

: Is there an offline version?
:  No

: Can I save my searches?
:  No, not in the current version

: Can I download the papers as pdf?
:  No, due to copyright restrictions.

: How do I cite 'aquaria'?
:  Our preferred citation is:
Kirsten, G., 2009,
WWW Electronic Publication; Version 09/2009