Underwater Photography

In 2005 I became certified as an Open Water Diver. Soon after I started taking photos of the under water wonderland. My first camera was a compact but with increasing ambitions I had to switch to a DSLR with housing and strobes. The focusing speed under low light conditions makes DSLR superior over any other system. I also upgraded my dive gear to a Razor2 sidemount configuration giving me the redundancy and buoyancy control required for photo dives.


Wide Angle - Coral reef

Dive Site: Utopia Beach House Reef, El Quesir, Egypt

Moray Eel

Portrait - Hedgehog Fish

Dive Site: Utopia Beach House Reef, El Quesir, Egypt

Fresh water jelly fish

Macro - Fresh water jelly fish

Dive Site: Gut Widdauen, Germany


Behaviour - Moray Eel with Cleaning Shrimp

Dive Site: Utopia Beach House Reef, El Quesir, Egypt


Fresh Water - European Pike

Dive Site: Angermund, Germany

Clown fish

Close Focus Wide Angle - Crocodile Fish

Dive Site: Utopia Beach House Reef, El Quesir, Egypt

Aquarium Photgraphy

I started keeping tropical fish in the age of 12. When I first got aCanon T70 camera I began experimenting with photography. I really got stared when I got a T90 with flash TTL. Then it took me quite some time to make the transition to a DSLR because I found the quality of digital images not convincing. That changed only a few years ago. Today I'm working with a Conon 7D MkII, EX580 flash and several Macro lenses.

Trichromis salvini

Portrait - Trichromis salvini (Rio Bascan)

My Aquarium

Rainbow cichlid

Behaviour - Spawning Rainbow Cichlids

My Aquarium

Labeo bicolor

Full Shot - Labeo bicolor

Ruhrzoo Bochum

Jack fish

Sea water - Jack fish

Aquarium, Zoo Berlin

Red Neon

Landscape - Red Neon Tetras

Aquarium, Zoo Cologne

Black Tip Reef Shark

Public Aquarium - Blacktip Reef Shark

Aquarium Ruhrzoo Bochum

Database for Aquarium Journals (German)

Library During the years I collected hundreds of journals about tropical fish keeping. But frequently I've the problem of finding a certain paper because there is no index. therefor I started a database. It's growing much slower than I would like it to grow because lack of time. But I'm working on it.


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About Me

When I'm not taking photos I'm working as a chemist for Chemical Computing Group in Cologne, Germany. Form 2012-2016 I was a board member of the Computational Chemistry devision (CIC) of the German Chemical Society (GDCh). I'm also a member of the German Cichlids Association (DCG) and an active member of the subdivision for Non-Dwarf American Cichlids. My personal preference are the cichlids of Central America.